Friday, April 23, 2010

Mari belajar bahasa Indonesia

  1. Macet - Heavy traffic , jam
  2. Urboun - Deposit
  3. Pangsa Pasar - Market Share
  4. Omnibus Line - Facility Line
  5. Platfo - Limit
  6. Saldo - Outstanding
  7. Ditto - Same
  8. Labarugi - Untung Rugi
  9. Nasabah - Payer
  10. Pencairan - Disbursement
  11. Penarikan - Draw Down
  12. Prelisasi - Pre-disburse
  13. Bagaransi - Bank Guarantee
  14. Telat - Late
  15. Valuta - Value
  16. Valas - Currency
  17. Arus Kas - Cash Flow
  18. Pengikatan Agunan - Collateral Charge
  19. Gradasi/Tereng - Gradually
  20. Penyusutan - Depreciation
  21. Hapus Tagih - Waiver
  22. Multijasa - Multipurpose
  23. Aktiva - Asset
  24. Pasive - Liability
  25. Pendapatan Aktiva - Income

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My working days in Jakarta

My Days in Jakarta started as early as 6.00 am. Maklum la kat Malaysia dah kira lewat sebab it is 1 hour ahead! Since it's early, I can take my time ironing my work clothes, take a shower and get ready. By 8.00am am, I was already on level 3 having breakfast together with the others. After 30 minutes we went down to catch a cab to the office. It was just a 20 minutes journey through the jalan 'tikus', as the locals call it; if not it would take us 45 minutes using the normal road!

Our discussion started at 930 am and usually finished by 6.00 pm. I had difficulty on the 1st day as many terms that they used were in Bahasa Indonesia instead of in English. Alhamdulillah, things improved from the 2nd day  as I can understand the discussion much better. It's a challenge doing unfamiliar things, especially as I had no proper training or background on Islamic Banking. But I take it as a challenge and it is a good exposure for myself.

After discussion we will catch a taxi back to the hotel and arrive around 7pm. My stay in Jakarta  was full of after-work activities as my brother and sister-in-law were  so nice to fetch us from the hotel and brought us out for dinner and shopping. I manage to grab 2 comforters, a few pairs of pyjamas  and shoes for myself. This is what I am actually thankful for as I have an understanding brother who is willing to accompany the sister so that I won't feel so sad thinking of Ehsan & Erica back home....

Everyday that I went to work I would always pray that the work went smoothly and can finish on time so that when the kids & Mr. Hubby came over the weekend, I could spend it fully with them. Mama's waiting for you, miss & love you both so much. 

 Our team - still discussing @ 6.45 pm

Monday, April 19, 2010

My 1st journey without them.....

There is always the first time for something in everyone's life. As for me my first time leaving the kids was the experience that I will never forget. I had to prepare myself mentally and physically the moment my boss instructed me to go to Jakarta for a walk through for Bank Maybank Indonesia. A few days before leaving I already told the kids that I will be away and 'sleep in the office' so I wont be around to cuddle and put them to bed. The moment Erica heard this she cried so hard as if I wont becoming back home!

Yesterday hubby send me to the airport, but I already asked that none of my family or my kids will be sending me as I don't want to see them crying or they see me crying. My dad had to bring the kids for a ride as he didn't want the kids to keep on crying. I tried very hard not to cry in front of them , but at the half way point to the airport, I failed and cried so hard... Hubby did not say much as he understand am a sensitive person when it comes to our children, and he was nice to wait for me until I passed through immigration. I guess he wanted to make sure that I will be okay.

A one and a half hours journey seems fast when there is a friend along. Thankfully, I went there with my mentor, Kak Ika. If I was asked to travel alone I would be miserable all the way! We arrived in Soekarno Hatta Airport at 5.00 pm local time (6.00 pm Malaysia time). Done with immigration an hour later, we got a cab to our hotel in Kuningan area. It was frustrating when the hotel informed us that the office didn't make any reservations, but luckily they had some spare rooms for the 3 of us. It was a nice hotel but I was a little afraid, as it is situated  near to the bombing incident back in 2009. Who knows? it may be the next  target! Alhamdulillah nothing bad happened and I was impressed with the security at the hotels. All incoming vehicles were scanned before entering the lobby, and all the occupants with luggage were scanned before approaching the lift. They were very thorough!

My brother Aman offered to fetch me from the hotel and bring us for dinner; if not  I would be crying all night long in the room alone thinking of my kids! He arrived at 7.00 pm and brought us for dinner at Mimink Daeng, a Makasar Restaurant. It was famous for its tata ribs. After dinner we all headed back to the hotel and they stayed in my room until midnight - talking and catching up. I was too tired and distracted to have a chance to cry! it was a good start but the moment I tried to sleep it was difficult as my loves one were not there. Even though we were far apart, yet they were always near in my heart.

Monday, March 15, 2010

In Dilemma.....

That is the feeling that is haunting in my mind right now. Taking it or losing it? Going or not?

Last Friday I was called by my boss and he asked me on something that am really looking forward since I start work back in 2002. And after these years the dream comes true. Working in oversea on project basis. Being able to go oversea on business trip for me is something valuable as I could gain knowledge, exposure and learn different culture. Even my previous work required me to travel a lot since I was in charge in handling airports' project but that was a bit different coz it was just for short period of time and I still haven’t has any children at that moment.

But now when the ONE opportunity that I have been looking for already in front of me, it suddenly hit my head and struck my mind – Will I be able to be away without the kids? How can I handle my night without them besides me? If they fall sick who is going to look after them? If Ehsan has any homework who will accompany him? Who will give me a good night kiss and hug before going to bed? Who will make me shouting like Tarzan? Who will make me angry like a monster and break my nerve? Will I still have dream while sleeping or it will give me a sleepless night? All these suddenly make me realize on how can I manage the life and time without them.

Hubby on the other hand is very supportive from the 1st day I started working. I guess he wants to see that all his investment (paying my MBA) is paid back. Hahahahaha….no lah…. He wants me to explore and gain experience as much as I could while am still young. Me personally I did mentioned to him that while the kids are still young I just want to grab all the opportunity in front of me so that I will not feel regret later on. But once I hit 40 (which I have another 8 years to go), I would consider quitting my job and focus on my family. By the time Ehsan will be in Form 1 InsyaAllah and it is the best time for me to concentrate on him and Erica on their education.

In a mean time, I will start preparing myself mentally and physically for the time to come. I pray hard that I would be able to go through the situation easily.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My 3rd 30th Birthday......

Today marks another milestone in my life. I turn 32. I can’t ask more as I have everything (as for now…) in my life. I consider myself successful in my academic and career along with a proud husband to share with and enjoy life with our 2 beautiful kids, Ehsan & Erica. Nothing more can I ask except for our children’s health and success in their life. What ever it take to make them happy and become a successful and responsible person I will try to my very best to make it happen.

As I passed my life for more than 3 decades from a baby, little girl, teenager, adult, lady and a daughter, I do now appreciate life and people around me more. I do now understand that money (most of the time…) is not everything. Because even with a bag full of money when it does not come together with care, love and honesty it will not make one’s life happy. I may not come from a very rich family but with the unconditional care and love from both my parents, Alhamdulillah I am thankful and proud of what have I achieved now. Even though I know both of them have their own ways of showing their care and love.

And as I walk through the 7 years of life as a wife and a mother, I could not say much except for thanking Allah the All Mighty for what He had bless me with. A husband, that is full with love, understanding and sometimes pamper me with all my requirements and desires. My son, Ehsan who always break my nerve but at a same time a very responsible, cheerful, loving and a caring person. My daughter, Erica who has her own mind but so cute, cuddle, attractive, joyful and pamper. There’s no words that could describe what I felt for them. Allah knows best.